Key Concepts


Spaces are the top level in the Aarkc hierarchy. They allow you to group your data and restrict access to specific members. You can create a different space for each department or a different space for each project depending on your preference!


Objects are the individual units of data that are added into Aarkc. If you are building a customer relations management tool, each customer would be an object. If you link Aarkc to your Dropbox account, each file would be an object.


Actions are things that occur in time that create, modify, or delete objects. If you are using Aarkc for project management, each task is an action.


Properties are the configurable fields that can be added to objects or actions to store specific data. For example, if building a customer relations management tool, you can use fields to add the customer’s name, company, and contact information.


Views are configurable methods of viewing data that is stored in Aarkc. When managing a project, you can customize views to show the tasks as a table or board depending on your preferences!


A space’s library is the list of all object types, action types, property types, and view types that the space recognizes. This allows you to configure the format or schema for data in Aarkc.


Integrations allow you to link your data stored outside of Aarkc to provide a single view of your most important data. Aarkc ensures that your data is synchronized to and from the other tool so you can read, edit, and search all of your data from a single interface.