Introduction to Spaces

Spaces are the highest level entity in Aarkc and allow you to organize your organization’s processes. All objects, actions, integrations, and types are contained within a space.

Objects and Actions

Objects and actions are always contained within a space. This allows you to grant permission to objects or actions by granting access to the space.


The object types, action types, property types, and view types for a space are included within the space’s library.

Sharing and Permissions

Spaces may be either public or private. Public spaces are accessible to anyone within Aarkc in the community view and can be used to share best practices and other handy tricks.

You can add members to a space to allow them to view and edit the data contained within the space.

Action Statuses

The statuses for actions within a space can be configured by space. This is accessible in the Actions Statuses dialog. Action statuses can be used to denote whether the action is complete or not.


Spaces may be linked to other spaces to allow users to access the types or data contained within the other space. This allows you to inherit the types from another space to build off of what has already been created.


Integrations are always associated with a specific space and sync data between a space and an external system.


Custom integrations and bots are contained within a specific space and can be edited in the space’s developers center.