Introduction to Objects

Objects represent any entity, digital or physical, that is stored within Aarkc. Depending on your use case, objects can represent anything from a customer in your customer relations management system or a product in inventory. You can create objects for anything you wish to help you stay organized!


Every object in Aarkc has one or more object types that describe what the object is. These object types define the default properties and views that are created when the object is created. Object types are defined in the space’s library.


Objects may have any number of associated properties. The properties each have an associated property type that are defined in the space’s library. For example a property could be added for a customer’s name or address.


Object may have any number of associated views. These views are used to visualize objects or actions in Aarkc. Common views include the explorer view or board view.


Objects may be created, updated, or deleted through integrations to other systems. An object is a “syned object” if it includes a type that is part of an integration. Aarkc will attempt to ensure that the related properties are the same both in Aarkc and the remote system so that it can be modified safely in either system.